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How To Setup TP-Link Router Without CD?

TP-Link is a tech organization, which was incorporated in Shenzhen China. It came into existence in the year 1996. This computer network company supplies routers to home office and small office. The routers manufactured by TP-Link are prominent in market areas like collages, schools, and businesses. TP-Link routers are particularly used for official purposes. These electronic devices transfer the data between two different routes.

These devices are without a doubt costly. Also, people face various issues while using this router such as password related issues, configuring problems, and how to setup TP link router without CD. If you come across any such problems, then you can get in touch with router technical support.

If you are looking for different ways through which you can know how to install TP-Link router without CD, then you have visited the right page. Here you will read about two different ways through which you can install TP-Link wireless router without CD.

How to Install TP link router without CD

  • Place the router and link it with your personal computer.
  • Enter ipconfig" under CMD type and then press enter.
  • Enter IP type in your internet browser.
  • Now, when the login page appears in front of you, enter the username and password.
  • Then, press ok. If that doesn’t work out, then you will have to reset your router.
  •   For the security of your router, go to security and wireless settings.
  •  After that, to Install TP-Link router without CD, choose WPA-PSK and then create a password.

Alternate method to Install TP-Link wireless router without CD

If you are currently in possession of router and cable provider, and you wish establish internet connection, then these are some of the steps to follow. These are some of the steps that you need to move forward with.

  • Initially, link the internet wire that was provided to you by the ISP to the TP-Link your router
  • Now, connect your router and computer system by making use of Ethernet cable.
  • In the next step to setup TP-Link router without CD, double click on a web browser like internet explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.
  •  In the address bar of your web browser enter for getting an access to the configuration page of the TP-Link router.
  • Once that is done, enable Wi-Fi and adhere to the directions mentioned to set up the router.
  • After that, setup the name of the network and the password key.
  •  Now you have successfully completed the process of how to install TP-Link wireless router without CD.

So, these were the two different ways that you need to follow in order to setup TP-Link router without CD. Technology is one of the finest things that human being has come up with. Therefore, we must understand how to use it well. We hope that the above-mentioned solution turns out to be beneficial for you. Router technical support is always there to help you out with your technical problems. 

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