How do I Reset My Arris Surfboard 6141 to Factory Default?

With every type of Internet connection, a user has to face various issues from time to time. But, most of the problems or issues occur on the user end rather than on the side of the Internet service provider.

This is the reason, why it is essentially helpful to learn and understand the basic troubleshooting steps for your equipment you are using so that some basic problems can be resolved without making a call to an Internet service provider.

Likewise, there are certain times the user thinks how to reset my Arris surfboard 6141 to factory default. In such a scenario, it is important to know the solution for different types of Internet connectivity issues causing with Surfboard cable modem. This eliminates the need of calling the cable company operator or executive.

What are the Steps to Reset My Arris Surfboard 6141 to Factory Default?

There is an effortless process to reset back the Arris SurfBoard 6141 cable modem to its factory default state. Resetting a device simply clears off all the previously configured settings in just one go. When you will reset the Arris Surfboard 6141 cable modem to its factory default configuration, it will remove all stored parameters learned by the SB6141 during the prior setup process.

The detailed post covers a simple answer to your query "How to reset my Arris surfboard 6141 to factory default settings". So, you can easily reset your Arris Surfboard device to its default settings by logging in the GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Important Points:

  1. It is helpful to reset the default settings of the router particularly when you have changed and forgotten the login data for the admin interface. By resetting, data like IP address, username, and password are set to factory settings. Rest all other configurations that you may have made are also cleared.
  2. This simple reset process will reset all the existing configurations and should be done as the last step. Remember, doing a Factory Reset will clean all the configuration changes made previously and then you will have to re-configure the cable modem for Internet access.
  3. This complete initialization process will take around 5 to 30 minutes to finish successfully.
  4. The router reset can be performed in two ways i.e. hardware reset and software reset.

Step 1: Disconnect the coaxial cable from the back of the Arris Surfboard modem 6141.  
Step 2: Disconnect the power cord for 10 seconds to power cycle the modem device.

Note: If your computer system connects to the modem through a switch or router, you can remove the power cable from it as well.

Step 3: And then reconnect the power cord/cable back into the Arris Surfboard cable modem. Now, you have to wait until the "Power," "Received," "Send" and "Online" status lights are on. Plug the power cable into the switch or router device.

Step 4: Launch any installed web browser on your computer system, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Enter this default login URL into the address box at the top of the browser window.  The Status page will be shown on the screen.

Note: The default IP address and the login credentials (predefined access data) is usually present in the user manual of Arris Surfboard cable modem router or at the back side of the device.

Step 5: Now, click the Configuration link on the top menu.  The Configuration page appears on your screen.
Step 6: Click the Reset All Defaults button shown in the web interface screen.
NOTE: If in case the Reset All Defaults button is not provided or available, disconnect the coaxial cable and then power cycle the modem again.

Step 7: Once after the modem is rebooted successfully, repeat the above steps 1 -2 and the Reset All Default button is present.

Step 8: Click on the OK button when you are asked "Do you want to proceed?"
Step 9: Now, finally you can connect the coaxial cable to the modem.

Points to Note:

  • The initialization process takes nearly 5 to 30 minutes to execute until completion.
  • The reset process deletes the modified settings but retains the configuration information.
  • The frequency value of the router is not changed even after reset. For this, ask special authorization from your respective Internet service provider in order to change the cable modem frequencies.

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