Tenda Router Not Detecting Internet Connection?

If you are one of the Tenda router users, then it means that you have everything required, which includes your router and wired internet connection. If you have the problem of Tenda router not connecting, then you must see if the modem light is on. If yes, then you should link the router to the modem. Plus, you need to link one wire to the computer system. Now, link the wire with the Tenda router in any port colored in yellow.

After that, disconnect it from the Router and the modem. Then, wait for a few minutes and reconnect it to the modem. When it is fully turned on, then connect it to the router. Then, check whether there is a connection or Tenda router disconnects frequently.

What to do if Tenda Router Not Detecting Internet Connection?

In case you have a wireless network, then follow these steps:

  • Locate the factory reset button at the router’s back. Now, keep on pressing it for the next few seconds. You must keep in mind that the light of the router should constantly blink.
  • Once you get an assurance that the lights are blinking, then you should turn on the internet browser. After that visit When it asks you for username and password, then type admin in both the sections.
  • After that, when welcome setup wizard appears. Now, click on the button of next.
  • Once you do that, go to “WLAN Settings”, and select “Enable Wireless”. Select the fields of SSID and type your name in it. Now, create any network name but your only restricted to use letters and numbers. After that, select apply to get rid of the Tenda router stopped working problem.
  • After that, go to the security settings. Select the security type by going to the mode of security. Now, type the password in the password section. Now select “WPA personal” by going to the demonstration settings. Please ensure that AES is selected and then type the password. This is going to be the password for Wi-Fi. This will completely solve the issue of Tenda router not detecting internet connection.

One of the reasons why Tender does not link with the internet is because of the presence of faulty wires. Also, there is a chance that some kind of maintenance work is going on because of which Tender router not connecting issue arises.

You can Get Rid of All These Problems by Doing the Following Things:

  • Remove faulty wires and replace them with the fine ones
  • Try rebooting your router
  • If that doesn’t work, then reset the router to sort the issue of Tenda router disconnects frequently.

Above-mentioned are the perfect solutions to solve the issues like Tenda Router Stopped Working or Tenda Router Not Connecting. If even after being gifted with the most advanced technology we cannot use it, then what is the point? Therefore, we must know the way through which we can deal with the problem of Tender router getting disconnecting frequently. 

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