How To Secure TP Link Wireless Extender?

A wireless extender can act as a bridge between your old router and new router. If you have upgraded to a new router, you can use the old router as an extender or repeater to boost the strength of your signals or extend the range of signals. If you have recently bought a new tp link router, the old tp link router can act as a wireless extender in bridge mode. Following are the guidelines to secure your TP link Wireless extender

  • Connect the router to your computer using an ethernet cable.The LAN port of  router and the ethernet port of your computer should be connected via single ethernet cable.The ADSL  cable of modem goes inside the wan part of router.

  • Open your web browser and type the default IP in the web browser. These IP credentials can vary according to different regions.

  • You will now be prompted to enter the login credentials i.e the username and password.

  • The default username is admin and the default password is also admin.

  • Once you are logged in note the SSID in wireless settings.

  • Go to wireless security under wireless settings.

  • Note down the SSID, WiFi security mode, wireless password, and operating frequency of the old wifi router.

  • Now we can configure the old tp link router as access point.

  • Connect your pc to tp link access point.

  • Set the static IP for your PC. To do this open control panel< Network and Internet< Network and sharing settings and then access the Tcp/Ip local address.

  • Go to the local area connection properties and select use the following IP address.

  • Type the ip address is The subnet mask under it will appear automatically.

  • Once these settings are complete, go to the web browser and type IP address of your access point.

  • Login once again the using the credentials username as admin and password as admin.

  • You will notice that by default the operation mode is set to access point.

  • Change the operation mode to universal repeater.

  • Now click on the option survey to access available networks.when you find your network on the list, click on “connect”.

  • Click on save to apply changes.

  • Access the wireless security settings, and enter the following details;

Security type - WPA2-PSK and encryption is AES.Password- anystring password.

  • You will now be asked to reboot the access point.

  • Once it has rebooted refresh the page, you will see the same SSID as your root router.

  • Go back to the Tcp/Ip settings and set it to automatic.

  • Your tp link wireless repeater should now be fully functional and you can unplug the cable from the access point.

  • Enjoy your wireless network in the bridge mode. 

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