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How To Change Zyxel Router Settings To Fix Slow Internet Connection?

There can be multiple reasons responsible for Zyxel router slow connection. Sometimes because of slow internet connectivity you are not able to get the required speed. In this article we are going to talk about various troubleshooting techniques that one can use for solving this issue. For that, you need to carefully go through all these instructions.

Check faulty connection issues

Generally, slow internet speed issues arise because of loose connection or damaged wires. To know how to speed up Zyxel modem please carefully check the Ethernet wire that is linking your modem and router.  Please ensure that your router is receiving continuous power supply.

Replace the bandwidth channel

There are some routers that are placed within the home network at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This frequency is similar to the one used by home appliances such as TV remote, cordless phone, microwave etc. These other devices create interference in the transmission of signal. Therefore to fix the issue of Zyxel Router slow Wi-Fi,you are required to move to 5.0GHZ frequency i.e. least crowded.

Firmware updates

There are encoded messages in firmware updates, which enables your router to function in a proper manner. Moreover, it has solutions for malware snags. Therefore, you must ensure to make latest  firmware updates from the website of the vendor.

Protect wireless network with encryption

It is necessary to create a difficult password to protect it from unauthorized users. As an open Wi-Fi network can be used by numerous users, it can lead to reduced internet speed. Launch internet browser and type the IP address in the address bar. Now,to solve the issue of Zyxel Router slow Wi-F, you will enter the main web page of the router. After that, go to the page of wireless security and settings. Now, make changes in the security type to WPA2. Then, type a strong password in the blank section. Save these changes and restart the router for making the changes applicable.

Tips to improve Zyxel router slow speed

  • Check internet connection
  • Keep your router in a central or open location. If there are any direct obstructions, then you must get rid of them such as pot plants and furniture. If you place anything between the access devices and the router, then wireless signal receptivity can get affected.
  • If Zyxel router slow speed problem is still occurring, then that means your wireless router requires some upgradation.
  • In case the Zyxel router slow connection problem does not get solved, then you can try out changing the orientation of router’s antenna. To receive the best signal, the router’s antenna must be in upwards direction.
  • If you are using a single SSID for dual band, then you can split the band by making use of two different SSIDs. Now, check whether the remote devices link on a 2.4ghz band.

We hope that the above-mentioned troubleshooting techniques  and tips to know  how to speed up Zyxel modem work out for you. In case these troubleshooting techniques don’t work out well for you, then you can try getting in touch with the router technical support team. 

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