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How to Change WiFi Password TP Link from Mobile?

It is imperative for one to secure their home Wi-Fi network because if you don’t lock your network by entering the password, then any unknown person can use your  Wi-Fi network is open. All they have to do is to insert the default password in the password to access your network.

If you haven’t changed the passphrase after installing the router at your home, then any person can use your internet. All they have to do is to open the router manufacturer’s website and view the list of default password and then enter in the password field to access your network. If you have not changed the security key yet, then you must change it right away. If you need some guidance on how you can change Wi-Fi password TP-Link from mobile, then follow the step by step instructions given on this page.

There are certain users who follow the setup card method for resetting the password. The set of instructions may vary depending on the router model. It is conservative to look through the router manual before you commence with the process to change the password. Apart from that, there are certain precautionary steps laid down in the router documents that are mandatory to be followed. However, the steps are easy to perform. If all these steps are carried out in the prescribed manner, then your router will return to the default settings. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Press and hold the reset button

Depending on the router bandwidth, press and hold the reset button. In case you don’t hold it long enough, then it will reset the router but it won’t take the router to the factory default mode.

Step 2: Open internet browser on your smartphone

Open the web browser and enter the IP address of the router. After entering the address, you will land on the login page. By logging into the router, you will be able to go to the main page. There you can make changes in the configuration settings. As these are wireless routers, you can visit their admin page by launching the web browser on your mobile device. You can change Wi-Fi password TP-Link from mobile if you have an access to the admin page.

Step 3: Enter the web address of the router in the location bar

In the next step you need to put-in the IP address to access the main page. It is not possible for an individual to have an access to the internal IP address. Generally, router manual contains the IP address of the router.

Step 4: Enter the SSID name and password

Go to the manufacturer’s main website, there you will locate the network name and password. Also, you can find a sticker on your router device that has network name and password of the router mentioned on it. Generally, the username is admin and the password field is left blank.

Step 5: Change the admin password

Keep in mind that the admin password and the password of the network are not one and the same. Now, change the  admin password.

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