Why My Asus Router Is Dropping Internet Connection Randomly?

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None of us can deny the utility of Asus router. It helps us to share information from one location to another. One can avail multiple benefits by using a router. However, its depreciation is also destined. We all know that every machine requires regular repair and maintenance.

There are moments when Asus router keeps losing internet connection. There are multiple reasons responsible for internet connection dropping randomly. If as a user, you have also come across similar kind of problem, then you have come to the right place. Here you will learn the ways through which you can fix the issue.

Reasons for Asus Router Keeps Losing Connection:

  • No access to wireless network
  • Not plugged in the correct position
  • Issues in configuration of the device
  • Problems with the IP address
  • Firmware not updated with the latest version
  • Glitches with recovery of password
  • Loose connection problems
  • Issues with network security
  • Faults in adapter or wireless issues
  • Original credential have been hacked

For a few seconds it seems like everything is all good but after some time Asus router keeps dropping connection randomly. For instance, Smartphones get disconnected from the wireless network and takes around 5 minutes in reconnecting.

You have not replaced your router and everything is working perfectly fine without any trouble. This Continues to happen up to a certain point. But then the router suddenly starts slowing down. If you feel that every page you try to open is taking a lot of loading time and it continues to happen. Then, there is a chance that there are problems with your wireless device. If your Asus router keeps losing connection, then you can also try updating your Firmware to the latest version.

If you want to get rid of Asus router keeps losing connection problem, then you must first check all the connections. Make sure, all the wires are properly plugged into the wall outlet. Additionally, ensure that you are able to get an access to the network signals. Moreover, you need to take care that all the devices are plugged in the right position.

If still Asus router drops Wi-Fi connection, then you can get in touch with Asus router technical support team to get further assistance. This will help you to deal with router related glitches and other issues on a timely basis. If you are experiencing Asus router keeps dropping connection randomly problem, then there is nothing to be afraid of as this problem can be resolved by taking the support of diligent technicians. We really hope that our solution for Asus router drops Wi-Fi connection was helpful for you.  

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