How Do I Secure My Asus Router?

Asus is a company incorporated for the purpose of manufacturing network router.  Asus routers have a faster processor. Other than that, its memory is better in comparison to average. Additionally, it has expandable USB ports and removable antennas.  If you want to know how to solve Asus router security issues, then you have come to the right place.

These are Some of the Things That You are Required to Keep in Mind in Order to Know How do I Secure my Asus Router:

1) Enable the Firewall of Asus Router

Go to the configuration page and check the option of firewall. There you will look at the option of enable. After enabling, go to the button of save and click on it. Now, apply for making the change.  Changed settings will get saved once you apply. Moreover, a new layer of security will be added to the network. This will ultimately help you know how to secure my Asus router.

2) Enable MAC Filtering

This feature of MAC filtering enables Wi-Fi network to get connected to the Asus router. This is possible if you add Mac address in the filter list. Mac filtering allows an individual to link new smartphones to your network. Moreover, it removes all your Asus router security issues.

3) Make Modifications in the SSID Name

SSID name is the name given to the device in order to identify it. As per the default settings, every router will keep the same default SSID. Hence, in order to know how do I secure my Asus wireless router, you must make changes in the SSID name.

4) Disallow Remote Administration

If you enable your remote administration, then that means you are giving freedom to another person to see and modify the settings of your Asus router. If remote administration is disabled, then no unknown personality can make changes in the router settings. This is the easiest way to know how to secure my Asus router.

5) Use Wireless Protected Access

In order to know how do I secure my Asus router, the best thing for you to do is to use WPA security. It is safer in comparison to WEP. The best security settings for Asus router is WPA.

6) Add Restriction on Inbound Settings

This is a very obvious thing but people are very habitual of not taking some things seriously. If you are making use of port forwarding, then you should be choosy. You can also try using a non-standard port to configure the service you need. You can also make changes in the settings for filtration of unknown traffic on the internet.

We hope that these troubleshooting methods help you know how do I secure my Asus wireless router. If you require any support from our side, then you can get in touch with Asus router technical service phone number. 

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Free Diagnostics : 1-800-970-7706

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