How to Do a Firmware Update on ASUS Wireless Router?

Firmware Update on ASUS Wireless Router:

It’s the need of the hour to upgrade your Wireless Router. This process is required so that you get the latest features and software setting options along with upgrades to help protect yourself against virus and malware that are available on the internet. Through our own efforts, we have seen that it will take a few minutes or very little time to upgrade your ASUS Router to the latest firmware.

Power of Your Router:

Your router is the first line of defense or the last one between you and some malicious content that is available on the Internet. Everything depends on your router to save yourself from malicious attacks and devices that are connected to your Router.

Every router tries it’s best to save you from these viruses, malware, Trojans but hackers and many evil guys are under a constant search for a weak target and constantly finding out any vulnerabilities that exist in the network or wireless connections. So it’s your job to protect yourself up to date with the software of router.

What is Firmware?

Firmware in general and simpler terms is a software i.e. a simpler low-level tech software that can be installed on your hardware. Right now, it’s the case with your Router.  Basically, you can consider the Firmware as a working Operating System for your Router. Just think of your Operating System like Windows, OSX, Android or IOS and how these operating systems receive updates from time to time to get better features and security updates to keep your data safe. The same is the reason for your router.

Your Router also needs constant firmware upgrades to work at its best and provide you with more features and top-level security to safeguard against evil things and attackers.

Generally, Firmware upgrades are produced from the company of that product. When the company or the manufacturer finds out that there is a vulnerability to the product in any way then the manufacturer pushes an update that includes latest and most up to date security patches along with different fixes so that the product performs well.

Sometimes there is some issue in the router and the router is not working correctly. In that case, the company or the manufacturer pushes an update that includes what we call as “bug fix” to fix issues relating to the product and so that the product performs well.

Some days ago, we bought a wireless router from Asus, the current model no is ASUS RT 3200. Considering this router we are providing the steps related to that, although these steps can be followed for any ASUS Wireless Router.

A small Warning:  Updating the firmware by unfair means or with wrong firmware can brick your router. Or, you have updated your router and it’s not working. You just need to reset the router. Then unplug the router and wait for 15-20 minutes and set the router again.

Steps to Do a Firmware Upgrade on ASUS Router:

For doing this you need to access your router admin page or router access page. If you are connected to your router through a LAN cable then there is a slightly different procedure and if you’re connected wirelessly through your router you need different steps.

Step 1 : Open your login page with the IP Address

Step 2 : Then log in through your admin credentials i.e. Your Username and Password. If you have default settings then your password and Admin will be written on the back of your router.

Step 3 : Then search for the option that says “Advanced Settings”. Then go to “Administration” and lastly the option of “Firmware Upgrade”

Step 4 : Click on the option of “Check for Updates”. The page will prompt you to download those updates.

Step 5 : After downloading the router will start installing these updates. Remember, the router will disconnect in the process and through that, the router will restart again after completing updates.

Step 6 : You have completed the process of Firmware Upgrade.

If somebody needs help with installing Firmware Upgrade on ASUS Router. Do share this article with them.

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