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Why I Can't Access http //mywifiext.net?

When you try to open the website to get an access to the site  http://mywifiext.net for setting up your Wi-Fi extender, you will receive a message regarding an error. Also, not connected to the site page will come up in front of you. The error of unable to open http://mywifiext.net comes up because this internet page is not regular.

This address is a local address, which is used for opening up the settings of your Netgear range extender. In order to get rid of the problem of can’t access www.mywifiext.net your PC must be connected to the range extender either wirelessly or through a wired connection. When you go to http://mywifiext.net on your system, which is linked to an extender, then you will observe errors like not connected to internet or page not displayed when you open up browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer.  

In case you don’t see these messages or some other kind of messages pop-up in front of you, then you must check whether you have entered right address in your web browser or not. If you enter a wrong address in the URL section, then you can land on a third-party fraudulent website. In case you are unsure that the address you have typed is correct or not, then close the tab in the browser and enter the right link.

Below-mentioned are some of the steps that you have to follow, in case you can't access www.mywifiext.net.  

  • First of all, keep your range extender in the room where your wireless router is.

  • When the setting up process gets completed  and a proper connection is established with the wireless router, move the extender in a location where you intend to keep it.  

  • Please make sure that your range extender is connected to a power source. If the extender is consuming electricity, then LED lights will be turned on.

  • In case you are using a range extender that  has LED lights, then make sure that they are turned on.

  • Disconnect the ethernet cable from both the ends, which is linking your device and range extender.

  • Type in the URL section of your internet browser.

  • In case, you are still unable to open http://mywifiext.net, then restart your internet browser and try one more time.

  • You can also try out using some other web browser to get rid of the problem of can't access www.mywifiext.net. This way, you will be able to verify whether the problem is associated with the browser or not.

  • Use Ethernet cable to connect your computer system to an Extender. Now, give static IP address to your computer system.

  • After that, setup your static IP address.

By following all the above-stated instructions you can easily solve the problem of can't access www.mywifiext.net. If you are still not able to solve this issue of unable to open http://mywifiext.net, then you can go to Netgear support.

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