How to Change Your Wireless Router Admin Password?

If you are in search of important instructions on How to change your Wireless Router’s Admin Password, then you have come to the right place as I am going to fully help in this process.

The use of routers is very important in our lives. We use the internet through these devices, and we send data through these devices. These are the main communication medium between us and the world. If you think these devices or just boxes with blinking lights do nothing, then you are wrong. These devices as I told you before help you to connect to the world.

There are some things that you still need to know about your router that will help you in the future. Sometimes, we should be careful about the security of the router and we need to check all the security settings. We need to be careful about the security as there are many hackers and attackers trying to hack our routers and gain access to our secret information.

Gaining Access to Router:

With the router, you need certain access to the administrator. For that, you need the access of the router and you should be on the same router through which you are accessing.

Step 1: That where you need to find the IP of the router.

Step 2: If you are in search for this IP, pick up your router and you find at the bottom of the router you will find the IP. Generally, it starts as 192.168._._

Step 3: Now go to your computer’s browser and enter this router’s IP address in the search field. Now press enter after filling the IP.

Step 4: Now you can check that the router administrator page is opening. As the page opens you need to follow certain steps.

Step 5:  Now the basic IP of some of the common companies are here and I am providing this:

  • Netgear : or
  • Apple    :
  • Belkin    : or
  • ASUS     :
  • DLink   : or
  • Linksys : or

Step 6: After filling up the IP you will be greeted with an administrator page where you will fill the basic information of Admin name and the password. I have never kept the password, don’t worry

simply you need to just the router’s manufacturers website or just see the bottom of your router. You will see the default admin and password under the bottom. Now fill this information into the required fields.

Step 7: now to change Your Wireless Router's Admin Password then you need to follow the security options. Now go and change the administrator credentials. Now change the password and set it to a difficult password that involves letters and numbers, so that nobody can hack your router.

This is the way How to Change Your Wireless Router Admin Password. To protect your internet surfing and protect your router against wrong people it’s important to change router password.

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