My Netgear Router Won’t Turn On?

If you are one of the users who are disturbed with how do I fix my Netgear router, then you have come to the right place. There are several ways through which can get rid of why is my Netgear router not working problem. It is not necessary for you to directly jump on to the resetting process. You can also go ahead with the troubleshooting process to solve the issue of my Netgear router won't connect.

Troubleshooting Process:

In order to fix the problem of Netgear wireless router not working, you must try out following the steps of basic troubleshooting. You may not know it but most of the problems related to router connectivity can get solved by basic troubleshooting.

  • Turn on your internet router and modem once again. In order to do so, remove the power code from the modem and router. Wait for some time and then link it back once again. Also, reboot your system after that.
  • Check whether the internet light of your router is turned on. If the light is turned on then that means the router is working properly. This also states that your internet service provider is providing you with proper service.
  • After that, check whether the internet light is on or not. Also, check whether your internet is working or not. Additionally, by doing so you will be able to determine whether the restart process is helpful or not.

After the process gets completed, check the internet connection and modem. There is a very high possibility that your problem of my Netgear router won't connect will get sorted by following the above-mentioned process.

Try Updating Firmware of Your Router:

If the above stated process does not work out well for you, then in such a case the best thing for you to do is to update the Firmware of your router.

  • In the first step to know how do I fix my Netgear router, try logging into the setup page of Netgear wireless router and then try checking out the updates.
  • Please ensure that your system is linked to the internet.
  • Now, to get rid of the issue of Netgear wireless router not working, go to the default gateway and enter your Username and password.
  • In the next step, you can check out the updates. When the updates are over, you can reboot your router and system.
  • Check if all these details help you out in dealing with your Netgear router issue.

Even if the above mentioned two methods does not work, then you can go to the last resort of resetting the router. These two are the best ways to solve the issue of why is my Netgear router not working. We hope that the solutions mentioned above works out for you. 

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