How to Configure VPN in Linksys Router?

Are you searching How to configure VPN in Linksys Router then I am going to tell you the whole solution. We use The Internet in our day to day lives and we need it all the time. But we need to be sure about the privacy of the internet. Not just from other side but from the world side of things, from the internet service provider side of things. Here is the solution of certain aspects that will help you in configuring VPN in Linksys.

Linksys Router-

Linksys is a company from The United States of America that specializes in products of networking. Linksys generally sells its products to small businesses and home users. The company was founded in the year 1988 by two founders that were Janie Tsao and Victor. Drivers Canon

Both have come to The United States of America from Taiwan. In the year of 2003 Cisco purchased Linksys and later Linksys was purchased by Belkin. The main headquarters of the company is situated in California in the area of Irvine.

Configuration of VPN in Linksys:

If you need to know the whole process of How to configure VPN in Linksys Router, then I am going to tell you the whole procedure step y step so that it can be really simple to apply these steps.

Here is the Solution:

Step 1 : Firstly, you need to open your browser. For that you need to choose your preferred browser. Whether you use Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it’s your choice. Open your browser.

Step 2 : After you have opened your browser and go the search field in your browser and after that you need to type the Linksys Router IP address. If you do not know the IP address of your Linksys, then that IP is generally written on the back of your router.

Step 3 : After you have put IP in search bar press enter. Now you will be greeted with Linksys Login page. At this page you have to fill two fields. These two fields are mandatory. You have to fill password and username.

Step 4 : You have to fill admin name and password that you kept for you r router.

Step 5 : After you have filled the Admin and Password then you need to press enter.

Step 6 : Now you have to search the option of Security. When you find that option click on it.

Step 7 : After security you have to go to the option of VPN.

Step 8 : Now select the option of "IPSec VPN Tunnel" under “Tunnel Entry” List box.

Step 9 : Now enter tunnel name in box according to your choice.

Step 10 : Now, select the option of Subset in local secure group section. Now enter the IP address. Small home have IP of under the mask of

Step 11 : After that you need to select the “IP Address”  and in the area of “Remote Secure Gateway” This is the main gateway that under the host provider of DSL.

Step 12 : After that select the option of “Auto IKE. This option can be found under the “key management section”.

Step 13 : Then select the option of “3DES”. This option is available under “Encryption” and “SHA1” for the process of authentication.

Step 14 : After that you have to make sure that Perfect Forward Secrecy option is enabled. This is the main password that you will use. For lifetime value enter that information in milliseconds.

Step 15 : Now click the option of Save Settings and you have completed the procedure.

This is how to enable VPN in Linksys Router.

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