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How do i log into my netgear router?

If you want to know how to log into Netgear router, then you have come to the right place. You can do a lot of things after logging into the router’s page such as looking at the network status. Additionally, you can change the settings of your network. There are some things that you need to do before you log into Netgear router.

  • Go to the start menu and then go to settings.

  • After opening up the settings menu, you can click on the network and internet. This will open up the status page of your internet menu.

  • When you reach there, click on the link of view your network properties.

  • Go to the section of wireless network that is given on the page’s bottom.

  • Now, locate default gateway address for Netgear router login.

How to enter into Netgear router?

  • Generally, the sticker of Netgear router is located at the bottom or back of the machine. In several cases,  login password and username are password and admin.

  • There is a chance that the login credentials of your router are a bit different. You can locate them on the sticker stick on your router.

  • Now, launch the internet browser of your choice that is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer by double clicking on it.

  • To enter into netgear router go to the URL section of your browser and enter router’s address on browser window’s top and then hit enter.

  • If you are still not able to enter Netgear router, then try to troubleshoot basic issues that appear at the time of login.

  • Now, in the SSID blank field enter admin. In case a different username is mentioned on the sticker of your router, then use that username. Also, at the time of Netgear router login you need to keep in mind that usernames are case sensitive.

  • Now, enter the password in the password section. In case some other password is mentioned on the router’s sticker. Then, press enter for logging in.

  • After that the router page will take some time in loading. Once the page loads, you can make any modifications you want.

  • If you are still not able to access the Netgear router login page, then you can go for troubleshooting. It is important for you to ensure that you are connected to the network of netgear router. You can also try entering www.routerlogin.com in the URL section. Also, you can try out clearing cache and cookies of your browser.

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