How to Setup Netgear N300 Wireless Router Without CD?

If you are looking forward to know different methods through which you can learn how to Install Netgear N300 Wireless Router Without CD, then you have come to the right place as here we are available with solutions to solve your problem.

Method 1: How to Configure Netgear N300 Wireless Router Without CD

One can easily configure Netgear router without a CD without any problem.

Step 1: Turn of your personal computer, which you are going to connect with your wireless router. Then, remove the modem’s plug from the wall outlet.

Step 2: After that, use an Ethernet cable for linking ethernet port of your Netgear router to your modem. Use another Ethernet wire for linking your PC to the LAN port of your Netgear router.

Step 3: Now, connect your modem to a power source and wait for some time. When it starts connecting, connect your Netgear router to a power source and wait for a few minutes.

Step 4: In case the power light and the internet light of your Netgear router turns solid green, then that means an internet connection has been established. Turn on your computer system when this process gets completed.

Step 5: Launch your web browser and go to the login page of your router. A pop-up Window will appear in front of you.There you will be required to enter your username and password in the blank sections.

Step 6: Follow the instructions given on the screen for running the setup wizard. Now, click on done for completing the process of how to install Netgear N300 wireless router without CD.

Methode 2: How to Configure Netgear N300 Wireless Router Without CD

Here are some of the steps that you are required to follow to setup Netgear N300 wireless router without CD. Before you begin with the configuration process, you must ensure that you have two ethernet cables.

Step 1: Use an Ethernet cable to link your computer system to Netgear N300 router. Link one side of your Ethernet cable to your PC and other one to the LAN port. Now, link ADSL cable with your router’s WAN port. Wait for some time for the connection to get established.

Step 2: Launch your internet browser and enter in the URL section. This is router setup portal default IP address. Now, click on the search icon. Now, you will be redirected to the login portal of the router.

Step 3: Now to install Netgear router without a CD, type admin in the username field. After that, leave the password field empty and press enter.  In case, you have other login credentials given to you by your ISP, then you must enter those. Default password and SSID varies on regional basis.

Step 4: After that, you will be forwarded to the main settings page of your router. Now, go to the dashboard and click DHCP or WAN settings. Now, you will move forward to the settings tab of DHCP. After that, click on the Yes box under DHCP as from here you will be able to retrieve automatic IP address. Now, make the changes in the address and save the settings. After that, return to the main page.

Step 5: While choosing encryption type choose WPA2. Right after that you will see the box of passkey. This is the password of your wireless network. Restart the router for implementing the changes made in the settings.

We hope that the above provided solution for how to setup Netgear N300 wireless router without CD works out for you. In case you are not able to solve your problems, then you can contact router technical support team.

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