How to Setup Netgear N300 Router?


A router is a networking device and its forward the data sent in form of packets among multiple computer systems. It is unlike hub or switch that are able to perform data sending only within computers connected. It also calculates the data being sent and make sure to be sent through interconnection until it reaches the destination point.

N300 Routers:

These are the wireless router and have unique features as discussed below:


Speed is our priority when we have an internet connection, slow connection or speed not only increases our work duration but also causes irritation due to delay.

N prefix in N300 describes the Wi-Fi frequency up to 300 (Mbps) with 2.4 GHz frequency.

  1. Security:

Parental control is also another feature that helps you to customize the web filtering for your device.

Guest network access and secure WIFI connection promise you safety for your system and privacy.

3.Sharing and Ease of Use:

Data could be shared easily and one can chat, listen to music enjoy the online streaming without fear, it is easy to install and use feature make it trustworthy.

Setting up of N300 Router:

If you are new to the router usage or facing an issue regarding set up of wireless routers, this is the correct platform to have a glance and clear your doubts. We shall discuss regarding set up and configuration of N300 routers.

Physical Setup/wall Mount of the Router:

  • When it comes about mounting or physical setup, the following point needs to be kept in mind:
  • Select the location or position of the router not much farther than your device say if it is a PC, select the room where PC is kept for better speed.
  • Drill the wall holes and maintain adequate distance between the screws as shown in the figure.

 Please position the antennas for the best speed experience.          

Installation Guide:

The wireless router has a router, an ethernet cable, and power adapter.

Following Points Should be Followed for Installation:

  • Turn off and unplug the power, switch off modem to cable modem or DSL modem.
  • Connect one end of ethernet cable to the modem and another end to the internal port on your router.
  • Plug in your modem and connect the power adapter to the router and wait until wireless LED turns ON.
  • Connect the router to your PC and open a web browser.

The Configuration of the N300 Router to Your Device:

Once manual set up has been done, we require to connect Netgear WIFI for internet usage.

Following are the Points to Proceed Further:

  1. Open the software displaying all the device connected and all the wireless connections available in your area.
  2. Select the NETGEAR wireless name and enter the SSID.

The preset WIFI name and SSID can be looked at bottom of the router.

        3.Connect after entering the password.

You are requested to register on the Netgear website for remote assistance and other help.


Get Netgear Support Toll Free Number

Free Diagnostics : 1-800-970-7706

Netgear Support Setup & Troubleshooting

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