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How to setup belkin router in bridge mode?

When you use a new router or upgrade to a much faster router, you don’t have to waste your old router. Instead it can be used as a range extender or signal booster through stock or custom firmware.if your old router is not providing you the speed require, it could act as a bridge to your new router and increase speed and range as well. Once your old router is setup in the bridge mode, it can then act wonders for your new router and you will notice modification in speed and range in signals in every corner of the house where it was not transported earlier. You won’t have to run networks through the old router, it will only act as a repeater in the bridge mode.

Before you setup your belkin router in bridge mode, keep in view the following things;

  • The wireless channel must be similar on both the router and access point.

  • The wireless bridge mode must be assisted by the routers.

Following are the guidelines to set up your belkin router in bridge mode;

  • Connect the router to one of the four wired ports (LAN).

  • Enter the IP address of your router and tap ENTER.

  • You will be prompted to enter the  password.

  • You can leave the password field blank to log in.

  • Under the wireless settings, choose the option “wireless bridging”.

  • Click on the “Enable Only specific Access Points to connect”

  • Submit the LAN/WLAN MAC settings of the old router you want to extend as bridge and apply changes.  

  • Place the belkin router you want to extend within the range of your new router and power on both the routers one again.

  • You should now be able to extend your belkin router as wireless bridge. 

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