How to Recover Lost Password for Belkin Router?

It could be that a user requires a Belkin router’s password to link up a new gadget and fails to remember it or has misplaced it.

How to Recover Your Current Belkin Router Password?

On the condition that you are linked to a Belkin router, carry out the following steps to recover lost password for Belkin router:

Step 1 : To get access to the Belkin router web interface, open your browser and type and press Enter.

Step 2 : Immediately, click Login and press Submit (as usually, there is no password).

Step 3 : With respect to the Belkin router, log in.

Step 4 : Move to Wireless on the left-hand side and click Security; under Security, you will notice your Belkin password.

Step 5 : Note, pre-shared key (psk) is the existing password for your Belkin router.

Step 6 : Uncheck vague ‘psk’ to view your Belkin password.

So, without performing any Reset on your Belkin router, you are aware of your Belkin router password. As a result, you can connect any device with the same wireless password.

How to Reset the Belkin Router Password?

By resetting the Belkin router, you can easily reset the Belkin password. Go along with the following steps, Doing a hard Reset is a very effective way of resetting a Belkin router.

Step 1 : Press Reset (at the rear of your Belkin router) and press for thirty seconds; later, release.

Step 2 : Restart your Belkin router and re-configure each setting, the way you do in a brand-new router.

Step 3 : When configuring the Belkin router, set up Belkin router admin password and Belkin wireless password.

How to Lock and Secure Your Belkin Wireless Router?

It’s crucial to keep your Belkin wireless router secure. Critical facts before setting up a Belkin wireless router password To begin with, a router password is entirely different from its wireless network password.

Router password locks and wards off illegal - access to router settings and configurations; in contrast, wireless password safeguards the wireless internet, permitting only those users who know its password.

How to Password Protect Your Belkin Wireless Router?

Making use of an unsecured wireless router can create nuisances like:

  1. Different individuals exploiting your internet
  2. Sluggish internet
  3. Possibility of a network compromise

Adhere to the Following Instructions to Protect Your Belkin Wireless Router:

  1. Login to your Belkin router with default IP like; write down this IP address in the topmost part of your browser.
  2. Click Enter and log in.
  3. It can ask for your router password.  
  4. Leave it empty and click Submit.

Belkin Router Security Section:

  1. Later, click Advanced Settings.
  2. In the wireless part, move to Security; you will notice that your security mode is disabled.
  3. Enable your security mode and choose WPA/WPA2-PERSONAL(PSK).
  4. Below Authentication, choose WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK
  5. Under Encryption technique, select TKIP+AES.
  6. Key in the password; create a complicated password.
  7. Select Obscure PSK and click Apply the changes button.
  8. Reboot your router after one minute.
  9. Now, your Belkin wireless router is secure.
  10. Share your password with individuals you trust.

Bring the Belkin router up-to-date for greater security. Updating a Belkin router sheds light on different problems concerning its security and functioning.

Considering that the Belkin wireless has been made safe, the user should also take the security of its router setup and configuration into account.

How to Lock and Secure the Belkin Router Setup Page?

  1. Log in to Belkin Router using
  2. Click Advanced settings.
  3. Move to Utilities; under Utilities, visit System Settings; at this time, you become aware of different options.
  4. In old-fashioned Belkin models, leave the place empty for the old password.
  5. For brand-new Belkin models, get rid of the password.
  6. Key in the new password and apply the settings.
  7. Reboot the router and inspect the dashboard.
  8. Safeguard your Belkin router.

In case the above steps were unsuccessful, reset the Belkin router.

How to Reset Belkin Router to Default Settings?

To reset the Belkin router to factory defaults-

  1. Push and hold the reset button tight for 10 seconds before letting it go.
  2. The bright light on the range extender is sporadic and flickering.
  3. When the light shines steadily, then its factory defaults reset.

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